How We Navigate A Complex System

We trust our insurance companies to provide the help we need, when we need it: That is why we maintain expensive policies, even when we do not think we will need them. Yet, sometimes, when you need them the most, your insurance company lets you down and does not provide your benefits. They may delay or outright deny your disability claim. What is there to do?

Legally, you are meant to have several avenues to pursue recourse. However, the process can be complicated, and it might feel too difficult to navigate alone. That is where we can help.

An Insider's Understanding Of Insurance Companies

At Law Office of P. Randall Noah, we dedicate our practice to helping people who have been mistreated by their insurance companies. Whether your claim to a private insurance company has been denied or you are wrestling with an appeal to your employer-sponsored plan (governed by ERISA), our founding attorney Randy Noah is prepared to take on your case.

Mr. Noah has prior professional experience working on behalf of large insurance companies, giving him an inside look at their strategies. This allows him to thoroughly understand their motivations and how they try to achieve their goals. To learn more about his background, click the link below:

Since moving to private practice, Mr. Noah has handled countless successful cases on behalf of our clients, against such large insurance companies as Cigna, Unum, MetLife and more. He also offers representation in personal injury claims, as well as mediation services.

Need Your Benefits? A Lawyer Can Help.

If you are wondering what options are available to you, call our office. We have locations in both Orinda and South Lake Tahoe, California, and serve clients remotely all over the country. Our phone number is 925-402-4529. You can also contact us through our online form.