California ERISA Disability Benefits Attorney

Employers through an employee benefit plan sponsor the vast majority of long-term disability insurance policies. Because the company can negotiate group rates and because your employer likely covers a portion of the premiums, this optional coverage is usually more affordable than a private disability policy.

But there is a big downside. Employer-provided disability plans are governed by federal law ¾ the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ( ERISA). If your disability benefits claim is denied, you are drawn into a complicated system with highly regulated rights.

Too Complex to Handle on Your Own

The Law Office of P. Randall Noah has extensive experience in appeals of long-term disability claims in employer-sponsored plans covered under ERISA. It would be extremely difficult for the average person to navigate the ERISA system and satisfy the stringent requirements for documenting a qualifying disability. We first gather additional information and appeal directly to your insurance carrier. If the disability benefits claim is denied again, a lawsuit can be filed in federal court.

Statewide and Nationwide Assistance: Because ERISA appeals are under federal jurisdiction, we can represent claimants throughout California and the United States. Mr. Noah has handled numerous appeals in federal courts including Colorado, California, Michigan and Arizona. Learn more about the service you will receive from our nationwide ERISA practice and contact our firm today to discuss your specific needs.

An Experienced Disability Benefits Attorney

Federal disability claims lawyer Randy Noah has practiced injury, insurance and disability law for more than 25 years. He has prevailed against the largest U.S. providers of long-term disability policies, such as Unum, Cigna, MetLife and Hartford. For about 20 years, he has only represented policyholders. He is familiar with the insurance companies' criteria for approving or rejecting disability benefit claims — and how they fight appeals.

We Will Fight for You

Call 925-402-4529 or e-mail us today. We handle disability and injury claims on a contingency fee. If we don't succeed, we collect no attorney fees.