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Are you looking to file an insurance claim due to a disability? Has an insurance company denied your claim under an employer-sponsored disability plan? Are you running into other issues in regards to appealing a claim that was wrongfully denied?

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If any of the above describes your situation, then you find yourself dealing with the same problems that thousands of Americans encounter each year. The insurance claims process is complex and intimidating, especially for anyone not familiar with its rules and processes. In many instances, insurance companies and their legal departments can overpower and overwhelm individuals who are rightfully entitled to benefits. Do not let yourself become another person who gives up and leaves valuable compensation on the table.

Why Go Local When You Can Go With the Best?

From offices in Orinda and Lake Tahoe, California, the Law Office of P. Randall Noah helps clients throughout the nation resolve long-term disability and ERISA-related insurance claims. But why should you work with Mr. Noah as opposed to a local attorney or another firm? The answer becomes clear when you consider how:

  • You will benefit from Mr. Noah's more than two decades of experience obtaining positive results for clients throughout the U.S.
  • Mr. Noah treats every client as an individual, not as a case file or a number.
  • You will receive the same dedicated, personalized service whether you are five minutes from his office locations or on the other side of the nation.
  • Mr. Noah's background allows him to anticipate insurance companies' arguments and to resolve issues before they arise.
  • Your needs will always come first, and Mr. Noah works hard to ensure you receive everything to which you are entitled.
  • Our firm accepts a limited number of cases so we can provide each client with the attention and service he or she deserves.

*Note: Private insurance policies do not fall under ERISA and must be handled in state court. As a result, we can only offer our services for private insurance disputes in California and Michigan. We offer nationwide service for all employer-sponsored disability plans.

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You will be surprised at how convenient it is to work with lawyer P. Randall Noah regardless of where you are located in the country. Please call our firm today to learn more about how we can help you at 866-906-9428. You may also contact our law offices online and we will reach out shortly to discuss your needs.