California Private Disability Insurance Attorney

If your claim under a private long-term disability insurance policy was denied, we can help. The Law Office of P. Randall Noah, in Orinda and Lake Tahoe, has successfully appealed many disability claims for clients across California and nationwide.

You may be tempted to resubmit your claim on your own. However, appealing a denied insurance claim is extremely complex and you will be going up against the full force of the insurance company's legal department. The outcome of your case could depend upon having a knowledgeable, dedicated advocate on your side to even the odds. We offer free 30-minute consultations and are happy to talk through your needs. Please call 925-402-4529 today or contact our firm online.

Private Disability Insurance Attorney

Perhaps you were self-employed or maybe you were not eligible to participate in an employer-sponsored long-term disability insurance plan. For whatever reason, you paid your own way and the premiums were likely expensive. Now when you really need those benefits to pay the bills, your private disability insurance provider has still refused to pay.

The good news is that you have better legal recourse for appealing denied benefits than those covered by an employer-provided (ERISA) plan. Where your rights include a potential lawsuit for breach of insurance contract, Mr. Noah can represent you with a breach of contract claim in the state courts of California and Michigan. He can also assist you with claims involving disputes related to pre-existing conditions.

Experience and Personal Service for Clients Nationwide

Trial lawyer Randy Noah has practiced in disability claims and insurance law for over 25 years. Having previously been retained by insurance companies; he understands how they process claims and why they reject them.

With offices in Orinda and South Lake Tahoe, the Law Office of P. Randall Noah represents disabled people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California and statewide. Contact us online or call us at 925-402-4529 for more information about your rejected disability claim. For certain cases, we offer a free 30-minute consultation.