Insurance Services You Depend On Can Turn On You

Most people depend on insurance, whether for their car, home or health. We trust that as long as we or our employer pays the premium, we will be covered. However, insurance companies do not make money by paying out every claim to the fullest. Should you be disabled and unable to work, you may find that the insurance company delays or denies your benefits.

If you are in this position, you need an experienced lawyer to help you. The insurance system is confusing, and having a guide can make all the difference in the success of your case. You may have options you do not know about: for instance, pursuing a breach of contract lawsuit against your insurance company.

At Law Office of P. Randall Noah, we have successfully handled countless cases for our clients, and can help you pursue the benefits you deserve.

Fighting On Your Behalf

Founding attorney Randy Noah has worked in insurance law for the majority of his career. Prior to starting the firm, he worked on behalf of insurance companies, giving him a thorough understanding of how they work. This allows him to create especially effective strategies for his clients now, who are pursuing benefits from those companies.

At our firm, we help clients who are facing issues in areas, including:

No matter your situation, Mr. Noah can help.

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The system is confusing, but we are able to answer all your questions. To discuss your case with Mr. Noah, call our office at 925-402-4529 or reach out through our online contact form to schedule a meeting. We have offices in Orinda and South Lake Tahoe, California, and help clients nationwide.