Do You Know What Your Employer-Provided Plans (ERISA) Entails?

Often, an employer-sponsored long-term disability policy is more affordable than a private policy. This is because the company can negotiate group rates, and often your employer covers a portion of the premiums. Therefore, this elective plan can feel like a good option, especially if you are not anticipating a need for it.

But there is a big downside. Employer-provided disability plans are governed by federal law, which is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). If you do need to make a claim, and if that disability benefits claim is denied, you are drawn into a complicated system with highly regulated rights.

Too Complex To Handle On Your Own

It would be extremely difficult for the average person to navigate the ERISA system and satisfy the stringent requirements for documenting a qualifying disability. At Law Office of P. Randall Noah, we have the extensive experience necessary to manage your case. We first gather any additional information necessary and appeal directly to your insurance carrier. If the disability benefits claim is denied again, a lawsuit can be filed in federal court.

Because ERISA appeals are under federal jurisdiction, you must have an attorney who is able to represent you no matter your location. We can represent claimants throughout California and the United States, and founding attorney Randy Noah has handled numerous appeals in federal courts, including Colorado, California, Michigan and Arizona. His opponents have included some of the largest U.S. providers of long-term disability policies, including Unum, Cigna, MetLife and Hartford.

Find The Right Attorney For You

Our firm has the extensive experience necessary for this complex area of law. To arrange a consultation, call 925-402-4529 or message us through our online form. We have offices located in Orinda and South Lake Tahoe, but serve clients nationwide. We handle disability and injury claims on a contingency fee. If we do not succeed in your case, we do not collect attorney's fees.