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Long-Term Disability Insurance Is Designed To Help You — But What If It Doesn’t?

Long-term disability (also called LTD) insurance provides crucial income when a person cannot work because of extended injury or illness. The typical policy provides monthly benefits equal to 60 percent of your wages, allowing you to recover without worrying about serious financial hardship.

But just when the money is most needed, the insurance company may still refuse to pay you the benefits you deserve. You need the help of a zealous advocate: Law Office of P. Randall Noah is here to help.

What Constitutes A Long-Term Disability?

First, it is important to understand what a long-term disability means. Your condition does not have to be work-related, and you do not have to be completely disabled. To be eligible for benefits, a doctor must determine that you are disabled from performing certain duties of your job. Common types of disabilities include back or joint injury, complications from surgery, chronic illness such as cancer and mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression.

How To Access The Benefits You Are Entitled To

If you have been diagnosed with a disability, you may have different options based on the type of insurance. There are two basic types of LTD insurance, and your rights and legal recourses are very different under each:

  • Private disability insurance. These policies are purchased directly by an individual from an insurance company. Many self-employed people or employees in high-risk categories must take out private policies. In general, a claimant has stronger legal rights in coverage disputes with private disability insurance companies.
  • Employer-provided disability insurance. These policies are provided partially by your employer. You may pay a portion of the premiums through paycheck deductions, and the employer pays the rest — your employer may even cover the total amount of the policy. These plans are governed by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and your rights to appeal a denied claim are sharply limited.

Our founding attorney Randy Noah has previous experience working on behalf of insurance companies, which gives him an insider’s perspective and allows him to craft strategies designed to succeed.

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