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When you are trying to navigate the insurance system alone, you may be overwhelmed. It is a complex area of law, and the stakes are high: You need your benefits to support you as you recover, and delay or denial can cause real financial hardship for you and your family.

At Law Office of P. Randall Noah, our founding attorney Randy Noah is here to take the burden off your shoulders, no matter how messy your case may feel. Our deep understanding of the subject matter means that we are able to offer some answers to some common questions we get regarding insurance law below.

What is ERISA?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 is the piece of legislation that governs employer-sponsored disability insurance plans. It is a complicated system, and requires a deep understanding to navigate. ERISA limits the possibility for appeal of a denied claim.

What injuries can make me eligible for a disability claim?

In order to make a claim for disability benefits, your doctor must diagnose you with a condition that does not allow you to perform certain aspects of your job. You do not have to be completely disabled. Qualifying injuries might include a broken bone, complications from surgery or chronic illnesses such as cancer.

What should I do if my disability claim is denied?

If you have private disability insurance, you can usually appeal. The Law Office of P. Randall Noah has handled many successful appeals to insurance companies, including Unum, Cigna, MetLife and more. However, employer-sponsored disability plans are governed by ERISA and the possibility of appeal is limited by the fact that it must be appealed in federal court.

You Need An Experienced Advocate

Insurance law is a complicated area. Mr. Noah has handled many successful cases, against some of the largest insurance companies in the country. This gives him the experience you need to feel secure facing the legal system. To arrange a meeting, call our office at 925-402-4529 or email us. For certain cases, we offer a free 30-minute consultation.

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