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A Pre-Existing Medical Condition Can Cause Trouble For You

Starting a new job is exciting. The paperwork regarding insurance and benefits may feel like just another step you must get through to start your new position, and no source of worry when you expect to be covered by their plan. However, a surprise may come up later if you make a claim and the insurance company denies your benefits, saying you had a pre-existing medical condition. What do you do?

An Experienced Lawyer Can Help

Law Office of P. Randall Noah offers experienced representation to clients throughout the country, and can explain your options and give you a chance to recover the disability benefits you need.

Our founding attorney Randy Noah has decades of experience with insurance cases. In the past, he worked for insurance companies, giving him a deep understanding of how and why insurance companies make decisions on claims.

For instance: Insurance providers often have strict policies regarding coverage for people with cancer, chronic back pain and other pre-existing medical conditions. As an example, an insurance provider may deny your claim if you were treated for back problems within six months prior to starting your employment.

However, if the insurance company breached the contract in any way, you may be able to force the company to pay the benefits you deserve. In addition, it may be possible to show that your prior treatment had nothing to do with your actual disability.

At the Law Office of P. Randall Noah, we will review your situation and insurance policy contract. We will honestly answer your questions about the possibility of receiving benefits. If your coverage should have honored your claim, we will explain your rights and options for recovering what you are entitled to.

Our Firm Serves Clients All Over The Country

If you have been denied insurance benefits due to a pre-existing medical condition, consult an attorney with experience in handling long-term disability claims and appeals. You can reach our firm by calling 925-402-4529, or email us through our online form. Our firm has offices in both the San Francisco Bay Area and South Lake Tahoe, California, but we represent clients nationwide.